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How to Improve Windows 10 battery backup?

Improve Windows 10 battery backup
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Battery backup is an essential part of any device, especially if when you’re using a laptop. Laptops are compact version of desktop and a good battery backup becomes very important to operate it.

Most probably you’re using windows 10 & facing a poor battery backup problem like most of the users. You don’t need to worry now because I’m here to solve your problem.

The size of Windows 10 is quite large and because of this, there are a lot of programs running in the background. These programs and applications end up consuming lots of battery in the background, which eventually leads to massive battery drainage.

Factors that affect the battery life

Background Applications

The application running behind the window are CPU killers, they not only consume more power behind the scene but also slow down the system, which directly affects the system performance causing more energy usage from the battery.

Luckily this problem can be easily fixed in few steps:-

  1. Go to the search bar & search for background apps
  2. Turn off “Let apps run in the background”.
turn off background app in window 10

This process will stop apps from running in the background, thus saving a large amount of battery.

Wireless Signals

Wireless signals such as Bluetooth, location & wifi also contribute to battery drainage. It is better to turn them off when they are not in use.

Using Battery Saver

Turn off useless applications from Task Manager

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